About Us

Tri County Testing Inc. is a pioneer in mobile DOT and non DOT testing consortiums. We enable our clients to keep their workplaces secure by implicating effective drug and alcohol testing measures. Conventional testing is a painful and long process that slows the entire operations.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all essential staff in the travel sector be regulated via DOT testing to ensure safety for themselves and others. Therefore, a reliable yet time efficient testing phase is required to speed up the process.

That is where Tri Country Testing comes in, by offering our client in-house testing consortiums with reliable randomized database selection for drug & alcohol testing. We also use Major Labs, LabCorp, and Quest Diagnostics to ensure integrity of tests and efficient transmission of data.

Mobile Alcohol & Drug Testing

We offer a range of testing options to our clients including mobile alcohol and drug testing. For a large corporate, random DOT testing is an efficient method to keep the workplace secure and free from drug abuse. With our in-house consortiums that is FMCSA compliant, you can collect samples on site to save time. Our testing equipment allows breath and oral swab mobile testing for alcohol that is less time consuming and less costly, and improves corporate vetting process.

Our NON DOT drug testing or specific single drug testing can be carried out using urine, hair follicles, or oral swabbing. For DOT testing, we only offer urine tests, while DNA tests can be carried out using hair follicles, oral swabbing, or any DNA strand.